A Look Back at the Winter Las Vegas Market


Well, it’s February now and the Las Vegas Winter Market is behind us. With a few weeks to get back into a “normal” routine around here we can take the time to look back at the Market and reflect on it.

Glideaway was very excited to reveal our first stand-alone Vegas showroom. As a company, Glideaway has grown by leaps and bounds the past few years, expanding our product lines to better service our customers and having the larger showroom allowed us a chance to show everyone. It’s so important to get our great products the recognition they deserve and have retailers carry them in their stores so they can be presented to the consumer. With no brick & mortar stores ourselves or e-commerce via our site, the relationships we form with retailers is one of the most important things we have.


With over 130 different companies coming the first day of Market we surpassed our expectations and welcomed old friends and new prospects alike. We had a nice cocktail party on Tuesday so we could officially introduce the new showroom to our premier customers and hand out door-prizes. We had several new high-end additions to the product line that were well-received, including the new Reverie 7S Comfort Base and the Natural Wool Comfort Premier Mattress Protector. Overall,  we consider it a success!

Alas, it is a never-ending job tending to the Las Vegas Market . . We will spend the next month or two making sure everyone follows up on new leads, prospective orders, and thanking our retail customers for attending. Then gear up and start planning for the Summer 2013 Market—What new products? How to present them? How do we grab the retail customer’s attention? And the roller coaster will begin again!

But what mattress & furniture industry person doesn’t secretly like the chaos?

by Angela Chism