The Importance of CertiPUR-US® Certification

CertiPUR Certified foam

With the recent reports in the news about the BVO’s (brominated vegetable oil, a toxic food additive) in caffeinated citrus sodas, one starts to wonder about the other products you consume and surround yourself with. Reports like these always seemed to start a wildfire of people being concerned and making changes, with them eventually going back to bad habits or forgetting to “stay away” from certain things. But lately, it seems more people are making an actual effort to clean up their lifestyle and environment.

Recently, I have even tried to take baby steps towards removing unhealthy products from my life and home. I’ve cut out soda almost completely (no BVO’s for me) and I try to stick to the “3 ingredient rule” when purchasing packaged food and generally eat clean. I also have taken a stab at making my own cleaning products with vinegar and other natural products. I am trying to surround myself with as few unnatural chemicals as possible.

Maybe this is why the CertiPUR-US® certification we receive on our foam products here at Glideaway is so important to me. Consumers like you and me would have no way of knowing what kind of foam is used in the foam products we purchase—unless they claim to be safe. Even then, how are suppose to know if it’s legitimate? CertiPUR-US® certification tells Glideaway retailers and consumers that the polyurethane foam in our mattresses, pillows, and youth products are:
-Low Emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality
-Made without ozone depleters
-Made without PBDE flame retardants
-Made without mercury, lead and heavy metals
-Made without formaldehyde
-Made without prohibited phthalates
The testing is administered by a nonprofit organization and done at independent labs and is the most rigorous and comprehensive foam certification available. Each mattress we have available through Glideaway’s Sleepharmony product lines has polyurethane foam that has been tested and CertiPUR-US® certified—this includes mattresses produced both internationally and domestically.

Obviously we know that mercury, lead, and formaldehyde are things we want to stay away from—but most people don’t know about VOC’s and PBDE’s and what their harmful effects are. According to the EPA web site, effects of high emissions of indoor VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) could be the cause of minor health issues like headaches and nausea all the way up to more serious issues like seizures and possibly causing cancer. PBDE’s (a cousin to the now-infamous BVO) are especially concerning, and according to the EPA are “persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic to both humans and the environment.” Used as a flame retardant, they are not chemically bound to plastics, foams, and other products they are in so they leach into the environment. Yuck.

So even if you aren’t purchasing a Sleepharmony mattress or pillow, ask your salesperson if the polyurethane foam used is CertiPUR-US® certified. If you are a retailer carrying our product be sure to spread the message and let your customers know about the CertiPUR-US® program. You can also visit CertiPUR-US® web site for a list of companies that offer products containing flexible polyurethane foams that have been certified through the CertiPUR-US® program.

Here is a great video from CertiPUR-US explaining the certification:

CertiPUR-US® Video

by Angela Chism