Announcing Our New Retail Store Locator!

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We are excited to announce that we have launched a retail store locator on our web site.

Glideaway’s product list has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years. With that have come the flood of inquiries from consumers on where to purchase the products. We do not sell our Glideaway products direct, so we work with the consumer on finding the closest location to them so they can visit a store for their purchase. Recently, the number of inquiries have increased and we realized it would be a benefit to us, the retailer, and the consumer if we could allow the consumer to easily access the info on their own via our web site. Hence, the introduction of our new store locator!

Now consumers can view our steel bed frames, mattresses, Comfort Bases, pillows, protectors, and youth sleep products on the web site and learn where they can purchase them.

We will be displaying store locations, hours, a web site address, and product tags for authorized retailers carrying one or more Glideaway products with easy searching. So now the consumer can find stores near them and be provided with easy directions via Google Maps. We have also created a list of Authorized Online Retailers to allow people the ability to purchase Glideaway products via the web.

If you are a retailer and do not see your location listed, feel free to contact us to add your information. Also, if you are a consumer looking for a particular product we suggest calling the store ahead of time to make sure they are currently carrying it and have it in stock.

Take a look and see what retail stores near you are carrying our products!


by Angela Chism