6 Major Benefits Of A Good Night’s Rest

6 Benefits of good nights sleep

Proper rest is vital to a person’s overall health and productivity. As such, sleep loss and sleep disorders have a negative impact on health and can reduce productivity. Therefore, it is important to address factors that cause poor sleep patterns such as lack of exercise, uncomfortable mattress, some medications as well as the consumption of too much coffee.

If possible, ensure you get at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep each night in order to reap maximum health benefits of proper rest.

The Major Benefits of Proper Rest

If you are able to get a good night’s rest consistently, you are likely to enjoy the following health and productivity benefits.

Improved learning ability:  If you are a student, you may constantly have to forfeit proper rest in order to catch up on your studies especially during the exam period. However, ensuring you get sufficient rest may be more beneficial than studying in a sleep-deprived state. This is because, sleep improves the brains ability to learn and commit new information to memory.

Weight loss: It can be extremely difficult to lose weight especially in cases where one suffers from acute sleep deprivation disorder. This disorder may cause weight gain since lack of sufficient rest alters the body metabolism and causes the body to store more carbohydrates and fats. However, if you get enough sleep daily, you will have more energy during the day and you can engage in physical activities that aid in weight loss.

Safety: Some of the common side effects of lack of proper rest include loss of concentration, fatigue, feeling sleepy during the day and the inability to react quickly. All these factors can compromise your safety and the safety of others if you are driving, engaging in group activities/sports or if you work in a risky environment. However, if you get adequate sleep, you improve the quality of your performance during the day and lower the risk of injury.

Better Overall Mood: Sleep deprivation generally causes irritability, lack of patience and moodiness. On the other hand, if you get proper rest on a daily process, you will be in a positive mood during the day and can enjoy taking part in all the activities you like.

Strong immune system: Getting adequate sleep regularly enables your body to repair the effects of the day’s stressors on various body tissues. This strengthens the immune system and enables you to fight off infections easily.

Lowers stress: A good night’s sleep helps you to relax and consequently lowers the levels of hormones that cause stress and can help you maintain a healthy blood pressure.


In order to enjoy the aforementioned health and productivity benefits of a good night’s rest, you need to work towards developing a good sleep routine.

Some of the things you can do to improve your sleep patterns include; avoid eating foods that are hard to digest or beverages such as alcohol and coffee just before going to bed since they may interfere with your sleep.

Furthermore, if you suffer from conditions such as insomnia and have trouble sleeping seek treatment from a health professional as soon as possible to avoid health complications.

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