Glideaway and the Sleepharmony brand join Pinterest

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Have you heard of it? Are you or a loved one addicted? If so, I can’t offer any advice on how to tear yourself away, I am an avid user myself! But I can let you know that Glideaway has joined the Pinterest world. And if you are a mattress or sleep product retailer, you should too!
In case you don’t know, Pinterest is a social bookmarking site where users collect and share photos of their favorite hobbies, recipes, and products. One of the fastest growing social networks online, Pinterest is the third-largest social network behind only Facebook and Twitter and followed closely by LinkedIn. Pinterest has recently raised fund money to grow their company and are looking to expand to other countries such as France, Germany and Japan.

According to a Pew Study of social media users, 25% of women said they used Pinterest, compared to only 5% of men. We should all know by now that women are the main force behind buying decisions. One of the main reasons Pinterest is so popular with women is because it is a visual experience. It is the perfect arena to share your products, as well as the other factors that create your brand or store image.

For example, Glideaway and the Sleepharmony brand promote healthy sleep and our corporate headquarters is in St. Louis, Missouri, so we have several boards about how to achieve restful, healthy sleep as well as a board celebrating St. Louis. We follow and are followed by sleep industry companies as well as people who have no connection to our industry. We engage with people from around the world — it is very exciting to see people “re-pinning” our products, sleep articles, and fun ideas, meanwhile helping Glideaway and the Sleepharmony brand grow.

We encourage you to find us on Pinterest, we have a lot of interesting things to show you and we’ll be sure to follow you back! Just be careful not to get addicted  . . .



by Angela Chism