Importance of sleep for productivity in work!

Tired while at work

Importance of sleep, for productivity in work!

Working in an office allows one to observe their peers. After getting to know each person you are able to notice small changes to their mannerisms and mood dependant on a number of factors. These differences can often drastically affect not only the individuals work ethics but also the productivity of those around them.

I’m sure we have all experienced a colleague complaining about being tired on the job and have even been tired ourselves. There are other factors  that could be the culprit, like inadequate diet or a vitamin deficiency, but more than likely it is a far more simpler problem and can be narrowed to the amount of sleep we receive.

When people think of a sleeping disorder they immediately think of lack of sleep which in itself is a problem. However, not many people realise that sleeping excessively or for extended periods of time is also dangerous. Experts also believe that sporadic sleeping pattens can be detrimental to our physical and mental well-being.

As many of us know, the average human requires around 7-9 hours sleep each night. For instance, going to bed at or around 10:30 at night means that you should wake up anywhere from 5:30- 7:30. Only you know your body. You should try to find an amount of sleep that is comfortable for you and stick to it.

A good night’s sleep can positively impact both your home and working life. We all may be able to notice when a co-worker comes into work tired or is having an afternoon slump. When this happens, chances are it will go unnoticed. However, if you are regularly slouched and dreary eyed at your workstation, it will not be long before your bosses start to notice.


Numerous studies conducted on the sleeping patterns of working citizens have proven that those who have a regular appropriate sleeping pattern are significantly more productive than those who are tired. Keeping productive and proving you are a hard worker is one solid reason for you to get a promotion.


With the amount of people pursuing work claims due to an accident or injury, employers are becoming increasingly vigilant in one sector. That sector is Health & Safety. Employees who, on a regular basis, come into work fatigued may be at an increased risk of causing or participating in an accident. This is especially true for those who use machinery. For this reason employers may be more inclined to take disciplinary action for the sake of safety.

Effect on other members of the office

Believe it or not, your attitude greatly affects everyone around you. There have been countless occasions in which the mood of an entire office completely changes to suit an influential member of the room. Although this can be a positive or negative change you have to be careful of how you act.

Author Bio; Adam Howard

Adam writes about workers health covering many topics that affect the well-being of people at work. He currently writes for Atrium Legal who specialise in Industrial Disease offering legal advice to those whose job has adversely affected their health.