Factors That Can Impact Quality Sleep


Do you wake up drowsier than you were? Do you still want to go back to bed even if the alarm clock went off? Has your daily routine been impacted since you are sluggish and too tired to do your tasks? It could be possible that you are getting some sleep but it lacks quality. There is a huge difference between sleeping and having a quality sleep. A great sleep is essential so you can wake up in the morning totally refreshed and with much energy to last throughout the day.

Lack of sleep routine

Lack of routine before sleeping is one of the major reasons why there is a downward trend in sleep quality. People with active schedules are susceptible to being deprived of good quality sleep. Their busy schedules would often make them unable to stick to a sleep pattern. This will cause them to be sluggish and may end up sick as a result. A Harvard study said that sleep is important to keep the mood in check. Most people that do not have much sleep are often showing symptoms of anxiety which can lead to stress and even depression. Sleep is an important part of mental health as well as the physical.

Sleeping with the phone

Another factor why people are not getting quality sleep is having their phone nearby when they hit the sack. In this day and age smartphones have replaced the security blanket. Suddenly there are people that have become anxious if they part with their digital gadgets. The digital devices that we have now have become multi-purpose which has replaced the alarm clock and even the night light as part of the sleep paraphernalia. Smartphone emit radiation which may disrupt sleep. A study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that cellphone radiation can also cause anxiety and stress. This may keep the brain more alert and make the person unable to get quality sleep.

Unable to create the right mood

Mood setting is important in making sure that you sleep right. Oftentimes people have to sleep with in a room that is filled with distractions. The television is on, there is a computer with Internet connection and there is an iPad on the corner table. If you want to retire well make sure that the bedroom is a place made for resting. Never import any tasks that you need to do into the bedroom. Create a space where you can convince yourself that it is a place to rest and not to do any tasks. A study showed that having a television inside the room can impact the quality of sleep, immensely.

Getting the right mattress

Experts believe that getting the right mattress for your bed increases the quality of sleep tremendously. As you spend eight hours of your life per day lying down, it pays to have something that is comfortable and will induce better sleep. American Academy for Sleep Medicine through its spokesperson said the quality of mattress can impact how sound you will sleep. It has something to do with the effect of a good mattress on the blood vessels that run through your skin. A good mattress causes you to roll over less which lowers the incidence of sleep interruption.

Get comfy when you sleep

Comfort is one of the factors can genuinely impact sleep. Try to use cotton pajamas that are warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. Wearing loose clothes during sleep can also help people to move freely and avoid sleep interruptions.

Take control of your anxieties

We have to face the fact that we all have problems. It can impact the way we sleep if we are not careful. Anxiety can worsen if we are losing sleep. That is why it is important to find remedies to your worries and address the cause of anxiety before it is too late. Your sleep quality depends on it.

Deep and sound sleep is essential to let the body rest and even control tension from a long day’s work. Together with chronic sleep loss, low-quality sleep can cause a host of diseases and could even cause sudden death if remain unabated. That is why you need to understand the full mechanics of a quality sleep to avoid health problems.

About the Author:

Ryan Rivera is a contributor of many tips and tricks that help people achieve optimal health.  He believes that having a healthy lifestyle spares an individual from many symptoms of anxiety and depression.  You can check out calmclinic for further information regarding these mental conditions.