Common Health Problems Could Be Eliminated with a Comfort Base

7s Comfort Base

A Comfort Base Adjustable Bed is the newest technology in bedding and a lifestyle choice.  Specifically, it is a motorized bed base that allows you to put your mattress in different positions. This is both a convenience and a health benefit.

It allows you to prop the head up a bit to watch TV or read, elevate your legs for comfort, or sleep in the Zero Gravity position to reap numerous health benefits. The options are endless and can be customized for each individual’s preference.

In today’s hectic world we are all under tremendous stress.  When we sleep we rejuvenate our body and our mind, but unfortunately we don’t always reach our maximum capacity. Much of this is due to conditions which prohibit us from getting a deep sleep. With a Comfort Base we can alleviate many of these sleep-depriving conditions. Those who suffer from conditions like back and muscle pain, acid reflux or GERD, sleep apnea, poor circulation and asthma have found relief by switching their regular mattress foundation to a Comfort Base. Most people spend a third of their lives in bed, it should be made as comfortable as possible.

Here are some health conditions that could be affecting your sleep quality:

  1. Back Pain or body aches
  2. Acid Reflux or GERD
  3. Sleep Apnea and snoring
  4. Headaches

According to the American Chiropractic Association, half of all Americans suffer from a form of back ailment each year. It is one of the most common reasons people visit their doctors and one of the most searched topics on internet. Back pain can occur in any area of the back, but it is most common in the lower back, the area which supports most of the body’s weight. Back pain is the second leading cause of missing work, second only to the common cold. It adds up to 93 million lost work days per year at a cost of $7.4 billion.

Comfort Base Down and Up

So how does a Comfort Base reduce back issues and body pain? Everyday activity breaks down muscles in our body. The body needs time to recover and rebuild. Muscle recovery happens during sleep and one of the most important elements to muscle recovery is proper circulation. The heart slows down during sleep, so it is important that we do not sleep on a flat surface that could restrict blood flow. With a Comfort Base we adjust to a horizontal s-shape that elevates the torso and feet. This position is called Zero Gravity and diverts pressure from the hips and lower back, enabling the blood to flow freely during sleep. By sleeping in this position on a Comfort Base you are providing your body the optimum conditions to heal damaged muscles and reduce back pain and body aches.

Do you find yourself waking up a few times per night with a burning, acid feeling in your throat? This is a symptom of acid reflux or gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD).  This occurs when the stomach acids back up into the throat. When lying flat there is no gravity to help keep these acids in the stomach. When the back is elevated the gravity keeps these acids in the stomach, eliminating the burning in the throat. A Comfort Base allows you to find the best upper body position to find relief from these symptoms.

Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder caused by an obstruction of airflow in the nose and throat. In a flat position the tongue can fall back and block the airway. People that are overweight are more likely to suffer from this condition. Due to the excess weight, there is a narrowing of airways. The Comfort Base will allow the sufferer to sleep in a semi-upright position, enabling proper breathing throughout the night and will help prevent sleep apnea.

Headaches can be brought on by many conditions. One such condition which can be alleviated is headaches which are brought on from nasal pressure. When we sleep flat fluids can build up in sinus cavities, which rob our brains of oxygen and cause morning headaches.  By elevating our torso we allow the cavities to drain during the night and allow us to wake without the pressure or discomfort of sinus headaches.

Technology can be scary and change can be hard, but the next time you go mattress shopping let the salesperson show you a Comfort Base Adjustable Bed. Not only will it provide you a more comfortable TV-watching or reading position but it could help improve your health as well.

by Angela Chism