The top 4 things you may not think of cleaning in your bedroom and that may be affecting your sleep

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Many people often don’t find the time to clean their bedrooms properly, leaving room for dust mites and bacteria to run rampant and deteriorate your health and well-being. If we don’t take measures promptly, we are endangering both our families and ourselves by introducing hazardous elements into our living environment. Of course, people are not doing this because they are lazy, stupid or uncaring. The truth is, people actually don’t KNOW how to clean their bedrooms the best way. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 4 things people often forget to clean in their bedrooms.

The Carpet

Did you know that 90% of all dust mites are located in your carpets? Creepy, isn’t it? Of course, no one will ever think that your  “almost brand new carpets” can be a breeding ground for these malicious and certainly unwelcome, skin-eating parasites. Their presence is known to cause allergies, which are often confused with spring or dust allergies. This is most often not the case. You can either choose to clean your carpets on your own, which is unadvisable, or call a team of professional cleaners to do it for you. However you decide to handle the situation is up to you. One thing is certain – dirty carpets will always lead to health and environmental hazards, so it is better to do something about it while there is still time!

The Drapes

Because you probably like to leave the windows open for hours at a time, your window curtains have undoubtedly absorbed more dust and street crud than your shoes ever could. Needless to say, this is very unhygienic and often the cause of dust allergies as well as foul and funky odors. Be sure to run your curtains through the washing machine at least once every week. Don’t forget your bed-sheets, of course!

Your Wardrobe Closet

When you decide to clean your bedroom, do you go into your wardrobe closet or do you just skip past it and hope it cleans itself somehow? If you are like most people, you probably never thought about cleaning your wardrobe even once in your life. This is understandable considering that your closet has practically no contact with the outside world (or so you think). The clothes and the shoes you are wearing had plenty of contact with more than just air. There are millions among billions of bacteria, flying around every which way. All that it takes to make you sick is one sick person sneezing on your jacket, and then you bringing that jacket to the place you sleep in. Of course you will get sick. So clean your wardrobe closet every time you decide to do laundry.

The Corners of Your Ceiling

Many people don’t actually realize this, but the corners of your bedroom’s ceiling are just as dirty as the floor corners. But I bet you clean your floor much more than you do your ceiling. It makes sense, since dirt tends to fall down instead of going up. Be that as it may, a regular sprucing up every now and again will more than help you keep a healthy and disease-free living environment.


Author Bio: July Minor is passionate freelance blogger and writer keen on topic about cleaning. She runs cleaning service church end and she has a lot to share with the readers.