What is Lucid Dreaming?


You almost certainly won’t remember dreaming as a young child, however babies and children all experience long and vivid dreams. As we grow older, these dreams tend to fade, with some adults stating that they rarely, if ever, dream! This does not necessarily mean that they haven’t been dreaming, just that they are unable to recall them. The truth is that the majority of people will forget the majority of their dreams on waking, and will usually only remember a dream if they wake up whilst in the middle of it.

What is the purpose of dreaming?

There is no definitive answer as to why we dream, however, it is commonly believed that dreaming is a method used by the brain in order to make sense of the day’s events. Another theory is that we live in a multi-dimensional universe, and that during sleep we are able to shift between these dimensions. Many people may find this concept difficult to believe, but one thing is for certain – dreaming remains a mystery to scientists!

So what is lucid dreaming exactly?

As I have already mentioned, many individuals find it difficult to recall dreams, or the details of their dreams are hazy. Lucid dreaming is helpful in offering greater awareness and control over dreams, allowing you to remember dreams more clearly. In a lucid dream you may be are aware that you are dreaming, have control over the dream, or both. If you aware that you are dreaming or able to control a dream, then you will have a greater insight into the dream’s events. For these reasons, lucid dreaming can be helpful for –

· Providing you with inspiration and ideas

· Allowing you to experience the impossible e.g. flying!

· Gaining spiritual and emotional insight

Some people will experience a lucid dream occasionally, whilst there are others who will never have experienced a lucid dream in their entire life! Whether you have or haven’t experienced a lucid dream in the past, it may be something you want to be able to practice on a regular basis. Learning how to lucid dream does not require a high IQ, and everybody has the potential to lucid dream. Find detailed guidelines on how to lucid dream here – http://www.astralzen.com/how-to-lucid-dream.