Should I buy a new mattress? Do I need it?

Should I buy a new mattress

You often hear people droning on and on every morning about how bad they slept last night,how they couldn’t fall asleep or they even woke up with an unbearable pain in their back. There are many things to blame after a night of poor quality sleep and many are legitimate reasons. These can range from too much caffeine, their partner wouldn’t stay still through out the night or you probably just tweaked your back while working in the garden yesterday.

Another reason to seriously consider is the quality of the mattress you are sleeping on. Mattresses last quite a while, about 8-10 years, but they should not go their lifetime without inspection.

Here are a few things to check:

  • Waking up is hard regardless of the amount of time you have been asleep.
  • You continually have trouble falling asleep.
  • Obvious bulges, indentations, dips, divots, sagging and rogue coil springs that decide to poke you all night long.
  • Sleeping away from home, such as a hotel, offers you a better night sleep.
  • Pain or numbness in the morning.

It is interesting to me when the subject of a new mattress comes up in conversation people seem to brush it off. “It’s fine” they say “Have you seen the price of a new mattress?”

Lets do some math.

The average age of a mattress: 10 years (conservative estimate) or approximately 3642 days depending on the leap year.
Lets say you spend $1000 on a new mattress. This would equate to only .28 per night!


Premium coffee once a week ($4 per week) = .57 per day
Internet service ($50 per month) = $1.66 per day
Eating fast food 3 times per week ($6 x 3 = $18 per week) = $2.57 per day

I think you get the point. 

Why would anyone deny themselves something that is so important and so essential to our lives? We spend (or should be spending) upwards of 8 hours in bed every night so laying there with back pain, awake, and staring at the ceiling throughout the night isn’t the best way to be spending 1/3rd of our lives. With the correct mattress, not only will you feel better in the morning but you will be more productive and get things done faster throughout the day. Look at it as a life investment. An investment that will change the way you go through your day, improve your mood and help you live a longer, healthier life.

If you dont need a new mattress, Great! But, if you are experiencing any of the issues explained, do your self a favor, ditch the Starbucks® and start sleeping better.


By Mat Jennings