Get outdoors – Get better Sleep


With back-to-back 90+ degree days you can feel that summer is officially here. School is out, vacations are planned, and many people are choosing to spend more and more of their time outdoors and in an active setting. Hiking biking and swimming are popular choices. Everyone knows that living an active life has numerous benefits to your health, but how is an active lifestyle conducive to good quality sleep?

You may notice that after a long day of hard physical work you tend to sleep better. This is proven true with a recent study. The study found that quality of sleep and the feeling of sleepiness throughout the day are correlated to activity level.  The study included 2,600 men and women of varying ages from 18-85 and showed that 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a week significantly improves sleep quality.  

With the advent of fitness trackers, many people have made a conscious effort to improve their overall health. By doing this they are also unknowingly increasing their quality of sleep. And, if you have spent anytime reading our blog you know that by increasing the quality of your sleep you will undoubtedly lead a healthier life, be more productive at work and generally feel better. Now that summer is here, head outdoors, get your heart rate up and sleep better tonight.

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