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With back-to-back 90+ degree days you can feel that summer is officially here. School is out, vacations are planned, and many people are choosing to spend more and more of their time outdoors and in an active setting. Hiking biking and swimming are popular choices. Everyone knows that living an active life has numerous benefits to your health, but how is an active lifestyle conducive to good quality sleep? … —→ Read more


St. Patricks Day . . . The day when everyone is at least a little bit Irish. Originating in Ireland, it is one of the most popular holidays in America. And despite it originally being a “dry” holiday in Ireland with all the bars closed, drinking (green) beer is one of the most American ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. According to, an estimate from 2012 said the total amount spent on beer for Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations was $245 million. That is a lot of beer. . .  … —→ Read more

cleaning-268126_1280When you do your annual Spring cleaning don’t forget about your bedroom. There are some important cleaning rituals that you should incorporate into your Spring cleaning.... ---→ Read more
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You almost certainly won’t remember dreaming as a young child, however babies and children all experience long and vivid dreams. As we grow older, these dreams tend to fade, with some adults stating that they rarely, if ever, dream! This does not necessarily mean that they haven’t been dreaming, just that they are unable to recall them. The truth is that the majority of people will forget the majority of their dreams on waking, and will usually only remember a dream if they wake up whilst in the middle of it. … —→ Read more

406379_7319Sign #1: Daytime Sleepiness

Do you find yourself always drowsy during the day? Are you loading up on caffeine all the time? While you might just be overworked, it’s possible that sleep apnea is preventing you from getting the restful sleep you need.

Sometimes daytime sleepiness may present as fatigue, a lack of energy, or general “tiredness”. Some patients may even fall asleep at inopportune times, like in meetings or while driving.

Excessive caffeine consumption can hide the sleepiness associated with sleep apnea, so be sure to let your doctor know if you are making hourly trips to the coffee maker.

Sign #2: Snoring

You might think that everyone snores, but snoring can actually be a sign of sleep apnea. While not always the case, snoring can be caused by an obstruction that is causing turbulent air flow. With the restricted air flow comes a lack of adequate ventilation and a resultant hypercapnia.

Many people do not even realize they are snoring, so it is helpful to have a partner tell you if you typically snore or not.

Sign #3: Loss of Focus

People are quick to assume that any focus problems must be a sign of ADD. Not so fast. Especially in older individuals, it’s entirely possible that the lack of quality sleep due to sleep apnea is impairing your ability to focus properly. Especially if you feel like your focus or memory has been steadily deteriorating over time, it might be worth exploring the possibility of a sleep apnea diagnosis.

While sleep apnea is a disorder that ultimately requires a sleep study to diagnose, these top signs and symptoms can be early indicators that something is affecting your sleep hygiene, be it true apnea or another problem. Of course, sleep apnea and all sleep disorders are medical conditions and should be evaluated by a licensed physician. This article is not meant to replace the advice of a doctor, and Glideway maintains no responsibility for any action or inaction taken on the basis of this article.

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If you are awake after 3 a. m., then falling asleep might seem quite impossible, but getting good sleep is under your control. If you follow certain good sleeping habits, instead of restlessness, you will enjoy a peaceful sleep. According to researchers, there are certain habits and practices referred to as “sleep hygiene” which can help anyone sleep for longer hours. Below are 7 simple tips to improve your sleep.

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Many people often don’t find the time to clean their bedrooms properly, leaving room for dust mites and bacteria to run rampant and deteriorate your health and well-being. If we don’t take measures promptly, we are endangering both our families and ourselves by introducing hazardous elements into our living environment. Of course, people are not doing this because they are lazy, stupid or uncaring. The truth is, … —→ Read more

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It can be worrying to know that when you don’t get enough sleep you are a prime candidate of being susceptible to anxiety attacks. In fact it is highly reported that insomnia are prevalent in people that complain of having anxiety disorders like generalized anxiety disorder and even post-traumatic stress disorder. There is a definitive relationship between … —→ Read more