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CertiPUR Certified foam

With the recent reports in the news about the BVO’s (brominated vegetable oil, a toxic food additive) in caffeinated citrus sodas, one starts to wonder about the other products you consume and surround yourself with. Reports like these always seemed to start a wildfire of people being concerned and making changes, with them eventually going back to bad habits or forgetting to “stay away” from certain things. But lately, it seems more people are making an actual effort to clean up their lifestyle and environment.

Recently, I have even tried to take baby steps towards removing unhealthy products from my life and home. I’ve cut out soda almost completely … —→ Read more


Well, it’s February now and the Las Vegas Winter Market is behind us. With a few weeks to get back into a “normal” routine around here we can take the time to look back at the Market and reflect on it.

Glideaway was very excited to reveal our first stand-alone Vegas showroom. As a company, Glideaway has grown by leaps and bounds the past few years, expanding our product lines to better service our customers and having the larger showroom allowed us a chance to show everyone. It’s so important to get our great products the recognition they deserve and have retailers carry them in their stores so they can be presented to the consumer. With no brick & mortar stores ourselves or e-commerce via our site, the relationships we form with retailers is one of the most important things we have. … —→ Read more


The Las Vegas Market is a very important event for Glideaway. Twice a year in Las Vegas a furniture market is held for retailers only to attend and decide what product they will sell in their store. This event allows us to show retailers what products we have available and let them know why they should carry them on their floor. We do not sell directly to the public, so the only way to get our products to the end-consumer is for a retailer to carry it. In the past we have shared a show space with the Specialty Sleep Association which we were grateful to have, but this year we are breaking free. … —→ Read more

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Happy Holidays Everyone!!

It is amazing how generous the donations were for our adopted family.  We collected $1278.00 in gift cards and cash donations!  Along with lots of toys and goodies for the little girl.

They also received from their wish list the following items ALONG with additional kind hearted donations. … —→ Read more