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Commercial Hospitality/Contract Sales

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For almost 60 years, Glideaway has been innovating, designing, manufacturing, and selling quality sleep products to our customers across North America. We offer a wide range of product offerings that include Mattresses, Foundations, Comfort Bases, Steel Bed Frames and Support Systems, Pillows, Mattress Protection, and Designer Sleep Products. Our customers enjoy being able to place one order for all of their Sleep System needs, and receive one invoice, and one delivery. They understand that in addition to getting top quality products at great values it saves them tremendous time and internal soft costs for their buyer, accounting personnel, receiving teams, and their overall business.

The Glideaway Commercial Hospitality and Contract Sales division proudly serves the following non-retail business sectors:

1. Hospitality – Hotels & Resorts
2. Military Exchange & Housing
3. Rental Industry & Corporate Housing
4. Healthcare – Assisted Living
5. OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing

Please Contact Us to learn more information on how Glideaway can serve your needs, or if you would like us to quote on your current or future projects.