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Industry embraces the power of the pillow

David Perry — Furniture Today, August 25, 2015

LAS VEGAS — There’s power in pillows, bedding producers demonstrated here.

Led by memory foam leader Tempur-Pedic, which added four pillows to its growing sleep accessories assortment, a number of bedding exhibitors here rolled out new pillows.

Their moves reflect a growing realization in the industry that pillows are part of a better sleep system. There is more to a good night of sleep than just a good mattress, pillow makers say; pillows — beds for the head — are integral to sleep.

Michael Fux, left, and David Fuchs, both of Comfort Revolution, hold the package for the company’s new Hydraluxe Air pillow, which has holographic details. 0Michael Fux
Glideaway’s Mary Glideaway’s Mary McCauley holds one of the company’s new Revolution Tech pillows.

Retailers like the added support and comfort that fresh pillows give their consumers, and they also appreciate the larger sales tickets that result when pillows are added to the mattress purchase.

The new pillows come in a variety of shapes and feature some new designs.

Tempur-Pedic backed its pillow launch with a round of consumer research that found many consumers sleep in all three sleep positions: Side, back and stomach. Its three new Tempur-Contour pillows feature ergonomic, curved shapes for specific sleep positions. Each offers low and high profiles.

Each of the pillows features a dual-feel design, with firm support for the neck and a softer center designed to cradle the head. Two of the pillows are designed for sleepers who move from side to side, while one is designed for sleepers who move from side sleeping to back sleeping. Retails range from $129 to $169.

Tempur-Pedic also introduced its Tempur-Essential pillow, designed for back, side or stomach sleepers.

The producer says its sleep accessories, which also include adjustable bases, help retailers increase their average ticket size and overall profitability.

Comfort Revolution introduced its Hydraluxe air cooling pillow, which includes a specially engineered cover that never traps heat, officials said. It comes in a holographic box.

Glideaway expanded its sleep accessories line with its Sleepharmony Revolution Tech pillow line of six pillows that coordinate with the company’s mattress protection line. The pillows, with breathable mesh and cooling properties, are designed to work with all sleep positions, officials said.

Protect-A-Bed’s REM-Fit collection of hybrid adjustable pillows is designed to adjust to various sleeping positions, regulate body temperature during sleep, and protect against allergens and dust mites.

DreamFit’s Bob Pearce holds the company’s Smart Shape adjustable pillow. DreamFit’s Bob Pearce
This Tempur-Pedic This Tempur-Pedic pillow is designed for sleepers who move from side to side during the night.
Tempur Sealy’s Kristen Olson-Turner demonstrates one of Tempur-Pedic’s new pillows. Tempur Sealy’s

Reverie, an adjustable bed maker, added three pillows, the Latex Curve, Cool Down and Dual Slumber 3-in-1 model s, to reinforce the company’s commitment to customization and compatibility with adjustable power bases, officials said.

Pillows are part of Dream-Fit’s three-step sleep accessory selling process. The first stage: “Start with the perfect pillow.”

“Rather than adding onto the sale we say we are adding to the experience and adding to the education,” said Bob Pearce, DreamFit’s vice president of sales. “Our guests want that improved experience.”

Credit: Furniture Today