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Five Good Sleep Components

Create an optimum sleeping environment and receive the best rest possible with a
sleep product that features all 5 recommended “good sleep” components.


Personal Comfort Fulfillment

Rather than focusing on the construction of the sleep product you should focus
on the “feel” and what meets your personal comfort in preferred sleeping positions.


Proper Support

Your sleep product should promote proper support of your body, alleviating any
discomfort, stress and unnecessary movement for a more uninterrupted sleep.


Balanced Pressure Relief

Materials and construction should deliver superior pressure point relief for a feeling
of weightlessness and continuous comfort


Temperature Control

Unique combination of materials and construction should allow for the dispersal of
body heat, helping to maintain a cool, comfortable sleep surface.


Antibacterial & Allergen Control

Materials of your sleep product should promote a clean and healthy environment for
sleep. Bacteria and allergens can inhibit healthy sleep patterns.