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Sleep Product Purchasing Guide

Glideaway produced this guide because we would like you to have a good experience shopping for your mattress, pillow, bed frame, or comfort base and an even better experience sleeping on it. Use these helpful tips to guide you while researching and shopping for your sleep product.

General Replacement Guidelines

Your mattress should be replaced every 7-10 years. If it is causing body aches or low quality sleep it should be replaced right away. A high quality latex or memory foam pillow should be replaced every 2-3 years. A fiber pillow should be replaced each year, even sooner if a pillow protector is not used. Replace your bed frame if it is warped, squeaks, or any of the hardware breaks. Also, be sure to have the proper support your bedding set requires—this could be a heavy-duty frame or center support system. Be sure that your children are using quality sleep products as well.  New research shows that a child’s growing body needs proper support while sleeping and low-quality or lack of sleep can lead to low immune system, attention deficit disorders, and more. 

Decide What You Want From Your New Sleep Product

Are you buying a new mattress or pillow because your current one is old? Do your current pillows or mattress cause body aches? Are you looking for new technology?

Understand Your Options

There are many different choices for sleep products and each offer different benefits and features. Do research on the different kinds of mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and comfort bases and what each can do for you before you head to a store.

Choose a Trusted Retailer

If you have had a good experience with a retailer in your area, visit them again. Use recommendations from family and friends. Choose a retailer with good, better, and best options.

Be Prepared For Your Store Visit

Dress comfortably and don’t rush. Have a basic idea of how much you want to spend overall. Know the dimensions of your current set and the room it will go in.

Learn Your Comfort Preference First, Then Choose From the New Technology Available

Learn whether you like a more plush feel or firm feel—or somewhere in between. After you have established your feel preference, see what new technologies are available in your preferred feel and what they offer (in every sleep product category!). Decide what features and benefits are important to you. This will help the RSA match you up to the perfect sleep system for you.

Understand What Other Sleep Products are Available and Important

To fully enjoy your new purchase, be sure to check other sleep products out while you are there or researching. People typically purchase a new sleep set every 7-10 years—surely you are due for a new pillow, bed frame, or protector by that time! Keep in mind that going to a larger sleep set may require a more heavy duty bed frame or purchasing a mattress or pillow protector can protect the product’s warranty. New technology will be able to offer you options in other sleep categories you may never have heard of. Don’t go another 10 years without improving your sleep even more.

We hope this guide will help you with your new sleep product purchase!