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Founded in 1962 on innovations in steel bedding rails, Glideaway is a leading innovator and manufacturer of sleep products. We are a family-owned company dedicated to providing value-based and innovative sleep products to achieve a great night’s sleep for everyone, everywhere.


Coming to America

Brothers Dave, Harry, and Niel Fredman immigrate to America in the early 1900’s. They make their mark in the grocery business by selling door to door in Collinsville, Illinois.

Fredman Brothers


Fredman Bros. Furniture Co.

After selling a chair and loveseat on consignment, the Fredman brothers enter into furniture retail. The Fredman Bros. Furniture Co. grows into a 28 store chain.

Vintage Fredman Brothers Storefront


From a Sketch on a Napkin

Dismayed with poorly performing wooden bed slats, Harry Fredman begins designing a better solution – steel. In 1962, the Fredman brothers launched what would become the Glideaway Bed Carriage Mfg. Co. and, in 1964, the #1 Bed Frame Rail is patented.

In 1965, the first Glideaway steel products are manufactured in Peoria, Illinois. This initial product line included the #1 rail, the #82 rail, and the #4 rail.

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Harry Fredman


Rail Steel, Real Strength

In 1976, Glideaway headquarters moves to Saint Louis, Missouri.

Glideaway begins sourcing high performance recycled rail steel from Jersey Shore Steel, a steel mill with a negative carbon footprint.

Steel Workers


Moving To Meet Demand

In 1996, construction on Glideaway’s current headquarters is completed in Saint Louis County. The new facilities include 130,000 square feet of office, factory, and warehouse space.

Glideaway Headquarters


Creating a Sleep Solution

With a new focus on creating a full range of sleep products, Glideaway expands its product line to include memory foam mattresses in 2005 and adjustable bases in 2008.

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Image of Woman Sitting on Bed


Still Growing

In 2019, leadership expands to the fourth and fifth generations of the Fredman family.

In 2020, Glideaway expands to include a new 111,000 square foot warehouse and distribution center in Hazelwood, Missouri. Current products include adjustable bases, steel frames, mattresses, headboards, protectors, and pillows.

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One Order. One Delivery. One Invoice. Glideaway is a one stop, one shop that offers a complete sleep solution –frames, mattresses, pillows, protectors and adjustable bases. We take pride in being able to supply retailers with numerous product categories, all delivered on one truck and billed on one invoice, saving retailers time and money by eliminating the need for several vendors. With five generations of experience in the sleep industry, we’re committed to being the most trusted partner to sleep retailers and providing access to a great night’s sleep for everyone, everywhere.

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