Fiber Pillows

Fiber Pillows

Our fiber pillows have Feran Ice and TEMPTEC fabric technology to keep you cool throughout the night. They use a micro denier that is lightweight and conform to your unique shape to relieve pressure and keep you comfortable. The pillow is dual-sided with two distinct finishes so you can further customize your experience.

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Features a comfort curve design, cooling TEMPTEC™ fabric, and Memory Comfort Fiber, a high density hypoallergenic fiber that cradles and conforms to relieve pressure

Comfort Profile


Product Features

Memory Comfort Fiber - High density hypoallergenic fiber cradles and conforms to relieve pressure.

Medium Firm Support - Flexible loft provides comfort and support throughout the night.

Comfort Curve - Curved to conform to the contours of your neck and shoulder.

Dual Comfort - Two distinct sides, supportive memory foam or firm cooling TruGel®, give you a customizable sleep experience.

TEMPTEC™ Fabric - TEMPTEC™ fabric removes humidity within the sleep environment and provides a cooler sleep surface improves the quality of your sleep all night long.


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